Coho Ho Ho Communications InReach

Follow the instructions below to help us with tracking and messaging during the rally:

1. Log in to your account at the Garmin Explore™ website
2. Select MapShare.
3. Select MapShare.
NOTE: On mobile browsers, select Two Horizontal Lines Icon  in the top left, then MapShare.
4. Select View MapShare Consent:

Red Arrow Pointing to View MapShare Consent

5. Click the checkbox to consent to the use of MapShare, then select Done.
6. Ensure MapShare is toggled on. Once toggled on, your MapShare link will be displayed.

Red Arrow Pointing to MapShare Toggled On

7. Send your MapShare link to using your device!A sample message might look like this:

"Hello! This is Sam Smith, on the boat s/v Tropics. My mapshare name is /svtropics.”
8. You will receive a message back from confirming receipt