2018 – Coho Ho Ho Administration

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# Names Boat Name delorme Share? Text to weather@ Notes Inreach Email Share Inreach Internal Email
1 Gleb and Sherry Krivosheev Eclipse YES YES . NO SvEclipse NO
2 Claudia and Colin Bancroft Capella III YES YES . NO svCapellaIII NO
3 Marcus Cox Slythy Toves YES YES . YES MarcusCox marcusclaudecox
4 Anne Alberg and Diana Trump Arctic Loon YES YES . NO ArcticLoon2018 NO
5 Steve Olson Jean Anne YES YES . NO svjeananne NO
6 Janet and Chris Michaelsen Reality Check YES YES . NO Realitycheck NO
7 Victoria Palmer and Bill Champion Agatha YES YES . NO agatha NO
8 Cathy Barnes and Barry Constant Blue Oasis YES YES This is last year’s data YES BlueOasis blueoasis.sv
9 Cynthia and Dale Carlton North Star YES YES . NO NorthStar NO
10 Anne Alberg Crew on Arctic Loon YES YES . YES captainalberg NO