Coho Ho Ho Communications-2017


This is the current status of information gathering for the communications system the Coho Ho Ho is using.

If you see your boat name here with a NO next to it then I need you to take action! Instructions on how to help are below the table.

Name 1 Name 2 Boat Name delorme Share? inReach Text to Inreach-Only Email Notes
John Giuliano s/v Alabama YES YES YES
Kevin Baerg Cressie Baerg s/v Blue YES YES YES
Bob Vizenor Queen Vizenor s/v Emerald Mistress YES YES YES
Scott Radford Phyllis Radford s/v Glory Days YES YES YES
Nathan Layton Laine Layton m/v Liahona YES YES YES
Curtis Denmark Julie Denmark s/v Manna YES YES YES
Richard Anderson Devon Thurtle Anderson s/v Mobert YES YES YES
Molly Good Anthony Danubio s/v Opus II YES YES YES
Lou Zielinski Kari Zielinski s/v Passport YES YES YES
Blaise Favata Sheila Thompson s/v Rhumb Line YES YES YES
Dave Hostvedt Jan Bennett s/v Severance YES YES YES
Todd Silva Shelby Silva s/v The Answer YES YES YES
Paul Wright Debra Wright s/v Three Quarter Time YES YES YES
Jason Haase April Bottman-Haase s/v Westy YES YES YES I have the password
Suzie Zueke Rick Antles s/v White Raven YES YES YES I have the password
Barry Constant Cathy Barnes s/v Blue Oasis NO YES NO
Roger Davies s/v Ocean Star NO NO NO

How do I change the DELORME SHARE? field to yes?!

Follow these instructions: Enabling MapShare and send your MapShare link to

How do I send an inReach text to

Follow the appropriate instructions below to send messages to the following addresses:

A sample message might look like this:

“Hello! This is Sam Smith, on the boat s/v Tropics. My mapshare name is /svtropics.”

You will receive a message back from confirming receipt.