It has been just over a week now. We have learned:
1. The heater has a switch that is not labeled that turns the burner on.
2. Calling a guy in Sweden gives you the location of the switch above.
3. The heater is VERY warm – I think we started boiling the ocean through the hull.
4. Our dock neighbor has been licensing captains for ~25 years.
5. Docking is fun and terrifying.
6. Our mast is 69′ tall from the water line.
7. The bridge tender loves working on the bridge rather than doing maintenance on the road. (please call me as much as you want)
8. Fuel is expensive.
9. You have to wait ~10 minutes to remove the air from the propane lines for your oven.
10. India smells in any environment.
11. Manual pump heads create an environment where you are very conscious of what you eat.
12. A memory foam mattress topper is heavy and expands like a blob.
13. Caroline knows how to pack boxes.
14. Caroline knows how to pack a boat.
15. People will commit to renting your home and then back out 15 minutes before signing a lease.
16. We like the still mornings.
17. India likes driving the dinghy to happy-hour Hors d’oeuvres along the waterway.
18. We like the waves that come in at night.
19. The dog does not like the trampoline… at all… not even for food. It is like a begging free bubble.
20. The dog would like to be notified of any future living arrangement changes.


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