Saturday morning we awoke to smell of our black water holding tank overflowing in the master head. At first, we thought some variety of aquatic life decided to make our deck its final resting place. Ryan got up to investigate and made me aware of the source of the smell with the very appropriate exclamation, “Well sh*t!”

As soon as possible we made arrangements with the bridge tender to raise the bridge so we could reach the pump-out dock. At this time, the Pacific Northwest decided to grace us with a torrential downpour. A long forty-five minutes later, we made our may to the pump-out. Once we cleared the tank, we used a hose and copious quantities of bleach to disinfect. Fortunately, this was easily resolved and the smell dissipated quickly.

Saturday night was our first storm. Wind gusts were clocked up to 44MPH. Note to self: make sure dinghy and halyard are secured before storm.

Yesterday morning was clear and calm. We were supposed to take my parents to Gig Harbor yesterday. Murray Morgan Bridge had other plans. We spent an hour on the Foss Waterway with the engines idling before the bridge tender told us the bridge was just not going to open. There was some sort of malfunction which was preventing the traffic arms from going down. If the traffic arms won’t go down to stop traffic, the bridge won’t open. This is yet another reason we need to get on the other side of the bridge.


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