The past two months have gone by in a blur. This is due in no large part to my brief employment in corporate America. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

This week I resigned as I was finally hired on by the Tacoma School District. Being a substitute teacher will fit in much better with our plans over the next few months. A change in Ryan’s employment has presented the opportunity to move south on an accelerated timeline.

What else has happened since the last post?

We had our first Christmas aboard Waponi Woo. I insisted on the purchase of a small artificial tree for the salon and lights for the mast. Although our boat was the first to hoist up a string of lights, we were quickly outdone by other boats in the marina. One strand of lights simply isn’t enough. Not to worry, I purchased a large quantity of LED lights on post-holiday clearance. Next year our Christmas light display will be much improved.

Unfortunately, I came down with the December crud the week before Christmas, so I wasn’t able to fully partake of the holiday spirit. Last minute shopping and baking was supplanted with a trip to the doctor and sleep.

My Christmas presents included a dimmable LED reading light to replace the halogen light above my berth. We are planning on replacing all of the halogen berth lights with these. Ryan is quickly replacing all of the cabin lights with LED lighting. IKEA has been invaluable in this endeavor. They have nice LED fixtures, which are far more reasonably priced than anything we found at West Marine.

A solid week of illness resulted in a quick trip down the waterway for a mid-cycle pump-out. We discovered the pump-out facilities on our side of the bridge at the marina east of us are really quite nice. For $5 you can pull up to any dock and they will pump you out. Under the circumstances this was a much better option than raising the bridge.

The poo struggle is real.

An order was placed yesterday for a 709 SeeLeveL II™ Tank Monitor System for our black water holding tanks. These are designed for RVs. It will monitor both black water tanks. We had to purchase an additional sensor to get the depth required for our holding tanks. The stock sensors are 12” and our tanks are 24.” I am looking forward to getting rid of poo panic.

Fresh water

Ryan mastered the fresh water system and got the continuous water feed from the dock working.  City water pressure is a luxury I had no idea I was missing. We’ll be upgrading the fresh water pump in the Waponi when we get a chance.


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