A Singer 500A, also known as a Rocketeer, is now sitting on my salon table. This machine was manufactured in the fifties, has all metal gears and is well known for being able to sew through pretty much anything. I happened to find one in Tacoma; it is in immaculate condition and was recently serviced. I figure I hit the vintage sewing machine jackpot.

I have a rather lengthy list of sewing projects starting with repairing the rip in our sail bag. This should be easy enough. My sewing notions are will need to be retrieved from the storage unit and I need to get some heavy-duty needles, heavy UV thread and some Sunbrella fabric to patch it with.

The next large task will be re-stitching all the things. Thread rots more quickly than fabric and the stitching is starting to pull out of our dodger. We are going to look into adding some more visibility on the sides of the dodger as well as ventilation. The goal is to repair and re-engineer instead of replacing.


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