Our target leave date is August 14th. Between now and then there is a great deal to do. We have a door full of sticky notes separated into “needs to be done,” “currently working on,” and “finished.” Ryan informs me this system is called a Kanban board; it seems to be working pretty well for a project of this scope. Having it all in my head wasn’t scaling well.

The “needs to be done” category outnumbers the others exponentially. To be fair, there are a lot of items we completed before we started the sticky note system


  1. Autopilot – We have an autopilot! I had no idea have barbaric having to continuously steer was. Once you go autopilot, you will never go back.
  2. Multi-Function Display (chart plotter) – Our previous chart plotter was starting to
  3. MFD was not compatible with the old radar.
  4. GPS – delaminate. It was ten years old and starting to show it. While it wasn’t necessary to replace it, it did not integrate as nicely with the new autopilot as the new one.
  5. Radar – The new Again, this was a compatibility issue.
  6. AIS Class B Receiver (Automatic Identification System) – We chose the option where we send and receive. I like commercial ships being able to identify the blip on their radar in the middle of the ocean as a sailing vessel. It is also really nice to monitor the commercial traffic on the Sound.
  7. Stereo – We have the best antenna ever. It is 68 feet above sea level. Ryan is still working on getting the outside speakers installed, but the bulk of this task is done.

This is India’s last week of school. As of Friday she will be out of the traditional school system for an indefinite period of time. We have enrolled her in an online school for the upcoming school year. This should be a good transition into home schooling. She is not fond of her parents grading her school work. There is a shortage of information on cruising with teenagers either in print or digital media.

Most people cruise with their kids while they are in elementary school. As we move forward I will make a few separate posts specific to cruising with a teenager.

We acquired some stand-up paddle boards. One is for India. The other one is for a friend. We tested them out a bit at Quartermaster Harbor last weekend with our friend Michelle. A good time was had by all.

Rover is looking at me questioning his decision to step foot on the paddle board.
Michelle keeping up with India.

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