Ryan is fond of telling people about emergency responders’ “Trigger Fluids”.  He has a firefighter friend whose trigger fluid is feces. When he encounters someone who has shat themselves, he has to excuse himself and leave the work to people who have different trigger fluids.

Last Thursday, Caroline made a delicious dinner that involved baked mac & cheese and bacon. Afterward, I took it upon myself to do the dishes and dropped a chef’s knife on my ankle causing a trickle of blood to run into my shoe. It was the knife that was cutting the bacon so I was a little freaked out by that. Turns out Caroline’s trigger fluid is blood. If the knife would have landed just 1/16″ or 1/8″ to the right, it would have punctured a large vein so we at least have that.

During the passage through the Strait Juan de Fuca I discovered something about myself. I get horribly seasick. I spent two days alternately barfing or sleeping. Ryan’s trigger fluid is vomit.


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