My parents traveled down from Sandpoint, ID towing their Airstream with the Baja Winters caravan. The caravan disbanded in Los Barilles for about eighteen days to give everyone some free time. It was here my mother encountered one of the most dangerous tasks one can undertake in Mexico. We warned her to be careful; she was told it wasn’t safe and to keep her guard up but she didn’t listen. She was fortunate; she escaped with bruises and a broken bone. It will be six to eight weeks before she really starts to recover from the surgery; she will dance again.

What happened?

She walked on the sidewalk.

A cover was missing from a utility hole and she walked right into it. To be fair, I did the exact same thing in Cabo San Lucas and was lucky enough to walk away with just a few bruises.

After two days of futile waiting for the swelling to go down, my parents drove to La Paz to get an x-ray. Sure enough, it was a broken ankle, which required some plates and pins. The surgery was performed within a few hours in a private hospital. The quality of care was wonderful. It is now four days post surgery and she is getting around La Paz with a combination of crutches and a borrowed wheelchair.

My mom being rolled down the dock with her newly repaired ankle.

Tonight we are going to view the Carnaval parade. India is trying to talk me into joining her on some upside-down rides. I am going to attempt to bribe one of our other current guests (we have multiple visitors right now) into doing this with her in my stead. She is young and recovers more quickly.


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